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The construction of China-ASEAN Information Harbor is an important measure to implement the “Belt and Road Initiative” and build a closer China-ASEAN community. China-ASEAN Smart City Innovation Center is a core base of the Information Harbor, which focuses on supporting innovative enterprises, building the supply chain & value chain of smart cities and facilitating international cooperation for smart city.
Center Goal:
    • Promoting the synergy and aggregation of technology, big data, capital and talents 
    • Promoting cooperation on ASEAN Smart Cities Network (ASCN) 
    • Demonstration of “Smart Nanning”  
Talents, capital, bigdata and technology from ASEAN & Chinese cities are aggregated in China-ASEAN Smart City Innovation Center to develop Smart City network. 
    -Industry: digital industrialization and industrial digitization 
    -Education: digital industry talent training 
    -Research: collaborative innovation on information technology 
    - Application: scientific & technological achievements application
The Innovation Center systematically support start-ups by differentiating growth stage and main needs for start-up growth.
· Entrepreneurship Training 
Provide policy guidance, entrepreneurship guidance, fiscal and tax planning, professional technical training, road show guidance, etc. 

· Investment and Financing, Market Docking 
Docking angel investors or funds, investment institutions, financial institutions, markets, etc. 

· Basic Services 
Provide conference services, enterprise display, property services, etc.  
Incubator Service System
China-ASEAN Smart City Innovation Center 

Address:No. 8 Yunying Road, Building C, Wuxiang Headquarters Base, Nanning China 


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China-ASEAN Smart City Innovation Center
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