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Supporting Policies for Nanning Area of the Pilot Free Trade Zone
Support the rapid growth of enterprises
For the newly established modern service industry (including international trade) and emerging manufacturing enterprises that meet the development orientation of Nanning area and whose annual main business income is more than 1 billion yuan, the highest reward of 60% - 80% of Nanning’s actual economic contribution will be given according to the type of enterprises.
Tax Support
For encouraged industrial enterprises in Nanning area, enterprises shall enjoy preferential enterprise income tax (actual tax rate: 9%) according to tax policies for the western development zone and Beibu Gulf Economic Zone.
Establish “Zero Fee Zone”
Industries developing in line with Nanning Area’s development positioning are exempted of all administrative fees allowed within the authority of Nanning City, except for the administrative charges required by national laws and regulations.
Financing Support
For projects that meet the development orientation of Nanning Area, subsidies of no more than 20% of the loan interest shall be provided. The subsidy period shall be no more than 3 years, and the accumulative subsidy for a single project shall be no more than 5 million yuan.
Talent Contribution Award
Senior managers and technical talents who have paid individual income tax for one year or more and have earned an annual taxable salary of more than 300,000 yuan, and work in modern service industry (including international trade) and in emerging manufacturing enterprises or scientific research institutions that operate in line with the development orientation of Nanning area, shall be 100% rewarded according to their economic contribution to Nanning.
Industrial Support Policies 
Financial Industry
Land transfer evaluation price is rectified by 50% - 60% for large financial enterprises to purchase land for self-built office buildings 

Headquarters of financial enterprises shall be given a maximum one-time reward of 8 million yuan according to the paid – in capital; the business headquarters and first-level branches of financial enterprises shall be given a maximum one-time reward of 4 million yuan. 

Based on the economic contribution in the previous year to Nanning, financial enterprises will be awarded 100% of the incremental part of its economic contribution for three consecutive years. 

Financial enterprises will be given a maximum subsidy of 6 million yuan for first-time house purchases; and a maximum of 3.6 million yuan will be given for renting offices. 

Banks and institutions conducting RMB-related transactions with ASEAN countries are also rewarded accordingly.
Modern Service Industry
Support the development of headquarters economy, modern finance, information services, modern logistics, business services, industrial design, science and technology services, cultural and creative industries and other modern services. 

For modern service enterprises newly established or moved in from outside Nanning, the rent of office space shall be subsidized for three consecutive years, and the purchase of office space shall be subsidized at 5% of the purchase price. 

If the contribution of Nanning’s local economic development is ranging from 3 million yuan (included) to 8 million yuan (included), 30% to 50% of the local economic contribution will be awarded respectively. 

Land purchase price or information harbor innovative industrial projects can be charged with reference to that of industrial land, which is allowed to include no more than 20% of commercial land. 

For electricity users in producer services, the electricity price is 0.54 yuan/KWH; for users of big data centers, the electricity price is 0.349 yuan/KWH. 
Logistic Industry
The newly established world top 500, China top 500, cold chain logistics enterprises, transportation enterprises, warehousing enterprises and etc. are exempted from the local share of corporate income tax for five years. 

For cross-border E-commerce enterprises, a one-time maximum of 4 million yuan, as well as related land, finance, talent and other preferential supporting policies will be given.
Talent Policy
Optimize the policy of subsidies for talents’ settling expenses in Nanning, and implement different subsidies for the first house purchase in Nanning according to the talent categories recognized by local authorities. A 2-million-yuan subsidy will be given to Category-A talents such as academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering; for experts included in the National 1000 – Talent Plan and other Category-B talents, a 1.2-million-yuan housing subsidies will be given; for Category-C talents who are capable to lead the innovation of science and technology or improve the strategic development capacity of the enterprise, a 600,000-yuan housing subsidy will be given.

Several Policies of Liangqing District for the Construction and Development of Nanning Area
Provide subsidies for starting up, leasing or purchasing office space and contributions reward to support the establishment of enterprises, encourage enterprises to settle in the area, promote the investment of enterprises, support the operation of enterprises and others.

Other Industrial Support
Support or reward shall be given to key industrial projects of advanced equipment manufacturing and processing trade in terms of fixed assets investment, equipment investment, industrial output value and freight logistics.