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Nanning Area of China (Guangxi) Pilot Free Trade Zone Overview
Nanning Area of China (Guangxi) Pilot Free Trade Zone covers 46.8 square kilometers and consists of four major sectors. Among them, modern finance sector is 8.04 square kilometers, digital economy sector is 11.04 square kilometers, culture, sports and medicine sector is 7.91 square kilometers, processing trade and logistics sector is 19.81 square kilometers (including Nanning Comprehensive Bonded Zone, which is 2.37 square kilometers).
Functional Divisions of Nanning Area of China (Guangxi) Pilot Free Trade Zone and Key Industries for Investment Promotion Modern Financial Industry
Focus on the development of modern finance, technological innovation, information services, headquarters economy and etc. to build the core area of China’s financial gateway to the ASEAN.
Digital Economy Industry
Focus on the development of cloud computing, big data, e-commerce, technological innovation, smart cities and etc. to build a cluster of digital economy synergy development facing the ASEAN.
Culture, Sports and Healthcare Industry
Focus on the development of culture and art, modern media, healthcare, sports and etc. to build a demonstration zone for people-to-people exchanges and cooperation with ASEAN.
Smart Logistics Industry
Focus on the development of export processing, smart logistics, cross-border e-commerce, bonded business and etc. to build an important node in the new international land-sea trade corridor.
Emerging Manufacturing Industry mart Logistics Industry
Focus on the development of electronic information, industrial robots, intelligent manufacturing, equipment manufacturing and etc. to build a core carrier of regional modern industrial development featuring emerging manufacturing industries and create a regional advanced manufacturing based facing the ASEAN, which will lead Nanning’s industrial development.
Advantages of Investment in the Area 
Full coverage of National Strategies
The superposition of several national open platforms in Nanning is an important platform and window for China’s all-around opening and cooperation to ASEAN. 

• China (Guangxi) Pilot Free Trade Zone 
• Development of an open financial gateway to ASEAN 
• China-ASEAN Information Harbor 
• Important hub of the New Western China Land-Sea Trade Corridor 
• China (Nanning) Comprehensive Cross-border E-commerce Pilot Zone 
 • Nanning Comprehensive Bonded Zone

Superior Business Environment
We take the lead in carrying out the reform of administrative review and approval system to ensure one or none visit for administrative services in designated period. By using Guangxi integrated digital administrative approval system and launching “unmanned approval supermarket”, we try out the electronic registration of the whole process including online application, acceptance, review, licensing and so on, so as to build the whole process smart service platform. We provide convenient package service by handling formalities of the same case once for all at one window or one website, which effectively shortens the period for material review and approval by 1/3 on average and even by 75% in some cases. It takes only 2 hours for enterprises registration and the administrative services are provided nonstop the whole day. We also deepen the reform of the commercial system, and insist on the principle that non-limited enterprises or industries are welcomed into our local market. We advocate streamlined review and approval, and try out the model that construction should begin upon land acquisition and operation shall begin upon project completion.